’In the past jobs where about muscles, now they’re about brains, but in the future they will be about the heart’

Minouche Shafik, London School of Economics

About Our Workshops

Arttis Academy is a concept of Continuous Learning redefining Education. We believe continuous learning needs to be applied in our professional life but also in our personal life. Because at the end of the day we are people, we’re not our job title and how we feel, what we think comes from who we are and then transfers into our profession.

Gaping the void in the Education system we teach you things you weren’t taught in school.

  • Being really productive
  • Resolving problems in a creative way
  • Creating a vision for your life
  • Creating an abundant mindset and managing your finances
  • And many more

What We Do

When you take part in one of our workshops , you embark on a journey for the mind, body and spirit. You immerse yourself in an experience. We don’t act like ‘trainers’ we act like us, like our most authentic self, we encourage vulnerability, courage, communication and real facts with concrete experiences. We don’t sugar coat things and we tell the truth. Because as Brene Brown says: ’Clear is kind, unclear is unkind’.

We don’t avoid the taught conversations, we give feedback when it’s hard and we receive it when it’s hard. Because clarity is a sign of respect and maturity. And because that’s why our workshops are transformational and because that’s why people book us. We never pretend to be something we are not and nor should you. We always talk from experience and we always share how the principals we present have helped us first. So everything is tried and tested!

We all want to be those productive, successful, happy and rich people however how many of us are willing to sacrifice our invulnerability our rigidity, “our way of doing things” for this?

The only path for this is taking responsibility for our situation, the only path is courage. Courage is contagious, as is fear and scarcity.
And courage comes from accepting ones vulnerability. And vulnerability is the capacity of managing uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.

This is what we do. We create a setting where you can grow and become that successful, productive, happy person. A place where you can innovate, being creativity and trust in your life.

And it will also be fun.

Who Are The Workshops For

Freelancers looking for motivation and inspiration

Professionals looking to update their skills set

Managers, CEO’s, Leaders looking to break habits and refresh mindsets

Artists looking to overcome limitations, self doubt and perfectionism

Students, apprentices looking to learn more and invest in their goals

Whatever you do, whatever you are, if you live and bread and work in the 21th century these workshops are for you

Among the techniques that we use

  • Building trust
  • Design mindset
  • Team dynamics
  • Creative problem solving
  • Role play
  • Challenging unconscious biases
  • Set rituals
  • Improvisation

6 reasons people take part in Arttis Academy’s Workshops

1 .You will be in best company, sharing life and work principals that guide people like Richard Brandson, Brene Brown, Jordan Peterson and many more

2. You will be part of the coolest community of people that share an active and authentic interest in personal growth, successful living and being their best versions. We encourage networking and real conversations, so that’s why when you leave one of our sessions you’ll be sure that you have met some inspiring people.

3. You will feel empowered and motivated to pick yourself up and fallow your journey from where you left it. You will feel inspired to do that uncomfortable task, to have that hard conversation, to overcome that creative or material block.

4. You won’t feel alone. Often times when you try to overcome limiting mindsets, when you try to change habits, when you try to become better you feel like the world around has such an easier job and is so much more happier. In our workshops we create and atmosphere of sharing experiences in a nonjudgmental way, and so people feel connected, less weird and hopeful.

5. You’ll experience what personal growth truly is. You’ll discover that it’s not meant to be difficult and daunting, you’ll discover new ways of dealing with challenges one that activates your creative and resourceful side and not your negative and pessimistic one.

6. We’ll have fun in the process. Whatever we talk about or present, no matter how difficult or challenging we promise to put a positive spin to it, to add humour and auto irony. Because life is short and we only have this one to live.


#New Era #Skillset

1. Creative Leadership

2. Creativity and Play

3. Creative Branding: Storytelling

#Reinvent Your #Life

1. Goal Setting Redefined

2. Continuous Learning Envisioned

3. Success and Productivity Redefined

What People Have Said About Arttis Academy's Workshops

‘The workshop about creativity and play was so productive and it had so many complex informations. Roxana and Nicholas through their own shared experiences helped me realised how important it is to leave aside the aspiration towards perfectionism in order to reach my full potential and access my creativity. What I found unique was the interactive nature and it helped create an atmosphere of communication where you can feel comfortable in sharing your experiences. I really look forward to their next workshops’

Roxana Jurca

‘I’m really thankful that I took part in this workshop and I really think that the issues presented need to be thought in a school (where I would attend) as they are valuable. Congratulations and really exited for the your next workshop’ 

Mihai Niculescu