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Training Programmes That Revolutionise The Concept of #Work

‘You can’t apply new behaviours to old thinking. If you change the behaviours and not the thinking behind them you haven’t changed anything at all’

Stephen Gates

Boost the dynamic, productivity and the creativity of your team through revolutionary workshops that present a complex view of the mind-body-spirit and address each of them through specific exercises and games

When your team participates in one of our workshops they don’t just learn valuable information, they take part in an immersive experience that changes and shifts mindsets creating ‘aha’ moments. What we do differently is we present a training session applying our vision : innovation, creativity, authenticity and clarity.

About our Training Programmes for Business

Our training programmes give your company a real ‘pick me up’ and motivation boost. It improves your employees know-how with a brand new, international skill set, also making your customers dreams come true.

The old way of presenting solely informations in a training doesn’t work anymore. Employees don’t need a coach to tell them what they are doing wrong. Your company needs a human being first that shares all the newest informations and techniques, that resonates with them, that understands them and motivates them.

More than ever people need to feel connected. And we are experts at this. And when your team feels motivated, the productivity skyrockets. Don’t be fooled: today employees don’t get motivated solely by a salary. Companies still hanging on to this mindset lose the people they invested valuable training and time in. In a 2019 study conducted by KPMG and the National Institute for Economic Research, it was concluded that in 5 years time the economy will need around half a million more working people that can occupy various positions in the work force. Moreover in 2030 the downfall in Romania’s population could fall by up to 2 million inhabitants, due to massive emigration and the demographic decline.

Build a team and a new era employee that have values such as trust, co-working and innovation by getting equipped with the key skills and mindset of an international business: creativity, clarity and productivity.

First ask yourself this: What is the mission of your company?

Why do people leave companies, why is employee retention such an important issue that needs to be tackled urgently? Why do employees lack motivation, why do they fall behind on their tasks and why do they want to emigrate event though the salary they might get in another country might be the same with their current one?

Millenialls today loose interest in a job much more faster than the previous generation had before them. Subsequently they leave the company and employers are baffled as to why this is happening.

According to Gallup 87% of people globally dislike their jobs. This is a real problem because 70% of our waking hours are spent at work. What can your business do to change this?

’The most succesfull people today don’t have a career, what they have is a mission’

Vishen Lakhiani

The Work-Culture today worldwide is so much more than just a paychech at the end of the month, people need to have a mission in what they do, a mission that motivates them, that gives them a sense of responsibility and purpose.

The most brilliant people need meaningful challenges to work on. When there is meaning the concept of 'work' disappears

When people get motivated by the mission their jobs hold and what they can bring to the world in that job, they have a purpose, they have motivation, they have initiative and productivity. A mission gives you charisma, opportunities, partnerships, money and much more.

What differences us from the conventional training session is that we think outside the box, we ask the right questions, we create an environment where people can redescover what motivated them to start that job in the first place, to reframe their mindset into realising what motivates them outside the material and how they can add value to the world.

Among the techniques that we use

  • Building trust
  • Design mindset
  • Team dynamics
  • Creative problem solving
  • Role play
  • Challenging unconscious biases
  • Set rituals
  • Improvisation

What We Do

In the era where robots and artificial intelligence are the norm, we still need people. The workshops are designed to help you activate the best in yourself and your team.

We not only give your employees notions and informations, we immerse them in a world where they can redescover what drives them, we create space for those valuable ‚Aha’ moments, we use creativity, play, improvisation, role-play and introspection for your team to benefit fully from the programme. And we don’t leave until we achieve our mission.

We are not just trainers that have up to date, insightful, fresh informations, we have corporate, artistical, business knowledge and above all we come from a place of authenticity, we share our successes, but most of all our failures. People connect with us, because we share, we don’t teach, we are, we don’t talk from the books. We create experiences that people remember again and again.

As Maya Angelou said ’People will forget what you said, but people will never forget how you made them feel’

The WEF “Future of Jobs Report” 2018 stated that within the context of technological advances such as A.I. and the volatile and uncertain world of today, human skills such as creativity, complex problem solving and empathy will be the most in demand work skills by 2022.

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Outcomes from incorporating our Corporate Training Programmes

1. Increased creativity and innovation.

About 60% of CEOs polled cited creativity as the most important leadership quality, compared with 52% for integrity and 35% for global thinking. 5% of people think they are not living up to their creative potential. We identify ourselves with our social and professional roles so much that we can’t imagine we can foster creative energy inside of us. 75% of people think they are not living up to their creative potential. Arttis Academy’s Workshops have a creative and playful component, one that makes all the informations we present come to life and resonate.

We know that creativity and play are one of the fundamental components of us as human beings and we like to incorporate this in our trainings. I does help that we have artistic qualifications.

2. Enhanced teamwork and collaboration.

According to recent studies, modern civilisation suffers from some sort of form of narcissism, that means being self-centered, egotistical or just way too focused on yourself. And no wonder that happens, as we are surrounded more and more with social media platform and the ‘me-culture’. This creates a ‘taker’ attitude and it has a detrimental effect on your life in general. Connecting with people over something deeper than self-interest is more rewarding. If you want to build a network of people that recognise your value, focus on what you can give. In all are trainings we focus on a collective growth rather than a personal growth, a mindset where helping others and collaborating becomes the norm.

3. Higher Profits, happy employees, raised productivity.

Happiness is productivity. When you give your team the attention they deserve, when you put the effort of treating them as a persons rather than a cogs in a machine the dynamic changes. People need other people to believe in them, to trust them and to give them responsibilities. They need a mission. They need to be reminded why they started to work for your company, what problems does your company solve and how can they contribute to making the world better. Dreaming big makes problems small. We define what is meaninful to your company, because the most brilliant people need a meaningful task to work on. Through introspection, role-play, creative learning we bring that much needed ‚pick me up’ to your team and give them practical tools to use when they are lacking motivation.

4. Creating an environment where conflicts and negativity can be shared and overcomed in a constructive manner.

Negativity takes a toll on many aspects of the workplace. It affects everything from engagement to productivity, and even impacts employee retention. The days of gathering around the water cooler have moved online, adding another challenge as people can hide behind screens and think less about the impact of their words and actions. This can spiral into many problems affecting a teams creativity, productivity, profitability and motivation. Adding trainings and teambuildings that cover these underlying issues and don’t adress them can only amplify the feeling of being alone and creating a false work persona. Our trainings tackle the real problem of work bullying, gossip, unresolved conflicts, lack of tolerance for failure shifting it to an environment of support and positive feedback.

5.Less stress and employee absenteeism.

Most of the times our routine creates a pattern and that pattern when built on negative thoughts can lead to stress and anxiety and burnout. Examples of negative thought patterns can be: ‚I hate my job’ ‚I am working so much and my colleagues are doing nothing’ and so on. However people don’t recognise this cycle until it’s pointed out and deconstructed for them. Or until this mindset is hacked. Hacking a pattern that others don’t see is a skill. To hack something is to cut something apart, break it to the core and then reasemble it to make it better. You can call it reframing, we prefer hacking. We present an alternative way of thinking that doesn’t oppose these negative and stresfull beliefs, but instead deconstruct how you were shaped by the culture and world around you to take on patterns designed to keep you in your confort zone and in return make you unhappy with your life. Many of these ways of thinking have passed their expiration date and bring negativity.

6. An open and communicative team that welcomes newcomers.

Resistance to change is a feeling that a lot of us experience and a negative and refractory attitude can be sensed by the new member of the team and add to his anxiety and desire to prove themselves at their new job. A strong and open team that is confident in it’s functionality has the ability to smoothly and naturally integrate a new member and make them feel welcomed. Small gestures can be incorporated to help them adapt to this new environment and it all comes down to the fact that we are all human and have vulnerabilities so a simple hello with a smile, offering help around the office, partnering up with them in projects, goes a long way and are simple and effective human behaviours that encourage a sense of community and team-work. Your newest member will thank you for nurturing this mindset in the team!

7. Profitable and productive business ideas and meetings. ​

Hapiness is the new productivity. This is the new mantra by which Business Executives, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs at the highest levels guide and inspire their team with. David Allen, world leading personal and organisational productivity coach adds ’People are addicted to their stress’. However this is an outdated model of yesteryear and it can be changed. And so can those boring ‘brainstorming’ sessions. When you put people and their well-being at the core of your business model that pays of. In more ways than one. Investing in your teams potential leads to personal and organisational transformation and leads to increase productivity, results, innovations and a happy work place.

If you are passionate in building a great team and shifting your game to the next level, these programmes are for you


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1. Creative Leadership

2. Creativity and Play

3. Creative Branding: Storytelling

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2. Continuous Learning Envisioned

3. Success and Productivity Redefined


‘Here we go again… Another training session that I would rather skip… Just notions, and theory…I wish I were at that anniversary this weekend instead of here’

Do you suspect your team of ever having these thoughts? Do they come up with any reason not to be at the teambuilding session? Do you have to mention ‚It’s not if you want to come, it’s that you have to come!’
Tired of all this and looking desperately to find a way for them to enjoy the team-building your company invested time and money in?
You’ve come to the right place! And we can help you with this challenge.

At Arttis Academy we don’t do just teambuilding sessions, we create immersive events, with music, improvisation, enthusiasm, fun, adrenalin, all so that your team receives the training you want them to, for any specific problem all through stimulating their mind-body-spirit. It’s fun with brains. It’s a game with rules.

Our team building session are multidimensional experience where the main focus is to encourage people to leave their confort zone and play, use creativity, explore their fearless side, challenge their fears and limitations all the while focusing on generating authentic relations that lead to friendship and collaboration.

We offer experiences, not just trainings.
We encourage mistakes, vulnerability, emphaty and authenticity

Psychologist Jason Moser studied the neural mechanisms that operate in people’s brains when they make mistakes and he found something fascinating. When we make a mistake, synapses fire. Mistakes literally cause your brain to spark and grow. Thus creating a ‘mistake friendly’ enviroment is creating a place where learning and evolution can happen. And where new ideas generate and productivity peaks.

We refresh the old fashioned way of doing things, we reinvent teambuilding sessions, we bring the fun, exitement and spontaneity, ingredients that are needed for people to open up and get to know one another.

We encourage vulnerability, fearlesness, creativity, crazyness (in a good way) and sillyness. But also intelligence and emphasise why we do certain exercises.
And that is why once you book us for a teambuilding session, you will book us over and over again!

We talk to managers and team-leaders and tailor a personalised experience especially designed to deal with your specific challenges. We adapt the complexity of the games depending on each team so you benefit from the full, immersive experience.

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What People Have Said About Arttis Academy's Workshops

Roxana did a public speaking workshop at our club, the Rotaract Club of Westminster. Due to such an interesting topic, an amazing turn out with nearly 70 people, and a lot of interaction between Roxana & the whole audience. She managed to keep everyone very attentive and captivated. A lot about public speaking was taken back by all, and I am convinced that many will apply the various techniques she showed us, as well as the confidence she gave. I would truly recommend her for any workshop you may wish to organise.

Marion W. Green Escoffier

A wonderful workshop presented by two inspiring trainers with great ease, humour, intelligence, enthusiasm, emotion and charisma. I was simply fascinated from the first moment to the last. I take this moment to say ‘Well done’ and I look forward to your next workshop’

Irina Antonescu