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'Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection'

Mark Twain

What is Arttis Academy

Arttis Academy is a concept of Continuous Learning redefining Education

As we grow and evolve we take on beliefs that come from our culture, our family, our environment, our education system, beliefs that we never truly question and that guide us on a path that we might find in 5-10 years time that it wasn’t our own. This has to do with the norms in our cultural and education system and the fact that we still take on informations and rules that were popular 10-20 years ago. In our Programmes and trainings we challenge these beliefs and mindsets, ask relevant questions, debunck them and update them to who we are as human beings in the 21th century, to our needs from our culture today and from what the future demands us to become.

Our Mission is to teach you things you weren't taught in school gaping the hole in the education system.

We all have a way we live our lives, we manage our finances, we chose our nutrition and carry out our proffesions, but what if we did these things based on some beliefs we took on from early childhood, beliefs we didn’t know we had and that might be holding us back. Studies show that our internal models create our external reality, what you believe manifests in reality, so what if we only have limited information that hasn’t been updated? What if that frustration, that need, that aspiration to do more and to be more was fulfilled if only we, as humans update our mindset and have the right informations, the right tools, the precise 21st century skill-set, one that includes emphaty, creativity, innovation, clarity.

#Education for the #Future

Our Programmes refresh and restart your life giving you a complex vision on what you are. Stepping away from the monotony of everyday life, from the rigidity of an ordinary training session, we focus on 3 aspects

The Mind

The Mind is a powerful tool and it has the power to keep us healthy and the power to make us sick. Through relevant up to date informations, all the newest studies in neuroscience and neuropsychology we explore and define how much the mind, your patterns of thought influence your life, the connexion with your levels of productivity, happiness, success and general sense of satisfaction.

The Body

In our hectic world many of us often times forget that we even have a body and that everything we think is somatised in the body. Most people experience somatization at some point in their lives. Throwing up from anxiety, having a headache due to stress or feeling physically weak after trauma are all examples of somatisation. Somatic symptoms are not fake or imaginary. We present exciting and up to date informations, we apply what we talk about, we demonstrate how somatisation works, we bring practical relaxing and creative exercises so that you are fully equipped to deal with your thoughts and their physical manifestation. ost of all, we’ll have fun in the process.

The Spirit

We are material beings, flesh and bones however we also strive towards the sky, we dream, we suffer, we are creative and that means we are spiritual being as well. At Arttis Academy we design every training session having in mind that as humans we have a sense of our own mortality and are in search for meaning. Spirituality is a source of strength in the presence of distress. It is at the heart of our well-being and enriches all aspects of our life: physical, mental, emotional, and relational. We emphasise this aspect and incorporate stories, our own stories of success and failure, other peoples’ stories creating an immersive experience where we learn from each other and enrich ourselves.

#Learning is #Evolution. #Revolution

Statistics show that in 10 years time, 45% of today’s jobs won’t exist due to rapid technological advancements like robotics and artificial intelligence, and because the world is changing so fast the biggest skill that a person will have to have is the capability to #reinvent themselves and to be flexible. The biggest challenge in this cultural environment will be to mantain a sense of flexibility also being balanced.

All our programmes have a complex view of the human being which includes the mind – body – spirit. Each and every one of us feels fragmented today, we either forget about the body or the mind or completely underestimate the spirit. Our Programmes and workshops immerse you in a world where our emphasis is for you to feel hole again, confident to handle any obstacles that come your way.

Having lived and worked in London for the last 6 years, the founders Roxana and Nicholas noticed a gap in the way things were taught in school or in the way trainings were held in corporations and so they embarked on a mission to update the way these things were being done, being inspired by the works of some of the best international coaches and speakers like Marisa Peer, David Allen, Srikumar Rao, Jordan Peterson and many more.

Arttis Academy has designed Programmes, Workshops and Trainings for the corporate world, Universities, private schools, the general public and anywhere we feel we have a mission to say these things.

Our Vision in 4 Steps


Bringing you ground breaking learning techniques, trainings and skill development workshops that access all the newest trends and knowledge in personal and organisational growth, neuroscience and the human potential.


75% of people think they are not living up to their creative potential. Being founded by two artists that have corporate experience as well, Arttis Academy has at its core the belief that we all have inner creative potential that can be taped into and harnessed for our professional, personal and social life.


What differentiates us is that we walk the talk and have years of implementing and experiment with the skill sets and concepts that we present to our clients. We are humans first and trainers second. We share our valuable experience, our failures, our vulnerabilities and our successes so you can benefit from the real-life experience and have a practical overview as well.


David Allen, the world leading personal and organisational productivity coach listed a simple and effective way of dealing with wanting to get a lot of things done. And that is asking oneself: what is the next step? And just doing it. Simple. Effective and clarifying. And we like this! We bring clarity and simplicity in all our trainings. Because clarity leads to inspiration, productivity and action.

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    What People Have Said About Arttis Academy's Workshops

    Roxana did a public speaking workshop at our club, the Rotaract Club of Westminster. Due to such an interesting topic, an amazing turn out with nearly 70 people, and a lot of interaction between Roxana & the whole audience. She managed to keep everyone very attentive and captivated. A lot about public speaking was taken back by all, and I am convinced that many will apply the various techniques she showed us, as well as the confidence she gave. I would truly recommend her for any workshop you may wish to organise.

    Marion W. Green Escoffier

    A wonderful workshop presented by two inspiring trainers with great ease, humour, intelligence, enthusiasm, emotion and charisma. I was simply fascinated from the first moment to the last. I take this moment to say ‘Well done’ and I look forward to your next workshop’

    Irina Antonescu

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